First Up / Alabama

On December 12, Alabama will hold a special election for the Senate seat vacated by Jeff Sessions. Democrat civil rights lawyer Doug Jones faces off against ultra-conservative Republican judge Roy Moore.

Steve Bannon has mobilized the hard-right Republican base to support Roy Moore as an insurgent candidate who will “shake things up” in DC. In reality, the last things the nation needs at this point is more “shaking up.” We need Senators who will commit to unifying, not dividing, who will represent the interests and needs of the citizens of their state, and those of the entire nation.

Doug Jones is a courageous fighter for justice, a seasoned lawyer who can work in partnership with his Senate colleagues to pass laws that help all Americans. At the same time, voting for and electing Doug Jones to the U.S. Senate can send a healing message to Alabamians punished and left behind by hard-right state Republican agendas and policies.

We can elect Doug Jones and let Steve Bannon know that his medieval vision of hate and division, and his misguided “us-against-the-world” message will not play in Alabama, or elsewhere in the United States.