Breitbart: The Gates of Hell – Gloria Allred and Roy Moore

Below is a sample from the Breitbart comment thread for an article posted today entitled Gloria Allred Presser: Beverly Young Nelson Says Roy Moore Sexually Assaulted Her at Age 16. As of this posting, at 6:01 PM (PT), the article has more than 30,000 comments. The excerpts below typify the tone and substance of the Breitbard “community,” although they can descend far more deeply into an abyss of merciless, unaccountable savagery.

Steve Bannon disavows any responsibility for the content of Breitbart and denies his agenda and movement are in any way racist or xenophobic. But what you read below are the thoughts and words of the “Christian” Republican Party “base,” systematically and enthusiastically egged and encouraged by Bannon and Trump. Bannon often, affectionately, refers to this Breitbart cohort as his “hobbits.”

There is a lot more one might say about this rancid slice of Americana. For now, this sampling might be all most people can stomach.

Mena Murderer • 2 hours ago
Moore can’t be replaced on the ballot and the MSM is pushing his defeat as an expected outcome so this is a freebie. Go balls out. Run ads with the clip of Trump talking about being famous and grabbing women by the…… At the end of the ad Roy Moore says he paid for this ad and he supports the Presidents agenda to Make America Great Again 100%. If Moore wins then the whole Clapper/Mueller gang is dead, a corpse floating in the water. e replaced on the ballot and the MSM is pushing his defeat as an
Cousin Itt  Mena Murderer • 2 hours ago
No one ever said MAGA would be easy. The Left is pulling out every dirty trick in the book. They’re scared sh***tless and they should be.
ricocat1  Cousin Itt • 2 hours ago
But electing SENATOR ROY MOORE would be a giant step toward MAGA!
Eaglized  ricocat1 • an hour ago
This is insanity. They are doing this to dam up the information flow of how deep this rabbit hole goes. Satanic ritual abuse/pedophilia is the real secret… and they want it to remain that way. The very people spinning this crap against Moore are the true perpetrators. Alinsky tactics 101.
schreib • 4 hours ago
Another 40 year old claim. Doesn’t smell right. And Gloria Allred has the credibility of a snake
Samadhi The Deplorable  schreib • 3 hours ago
IF Gloria Allred is involved it is guaranteed a lie.
Ratburt the Victorious  Samadhi The Deplorable • 3 hours ago
Tawana Brawlee style accusations except with major 40 YEAR gap! Find out which Democrat campaigns she worked and let us know. That reminds me, where did the Trump accusers go? Where are Herman Cain’s accusers? Clarence Thomas??? What happened to the Duke Lacrosse team? Never mind…I hate reruns.
Eaglized  Ratburt the Victorious • 3 hours ago
This is insanity. They are doing this to dam up the information flow of how deep this rabbit hole goes. Satanic ritual abuse/pedophilia is the real secret… and they want it to remain that way. The very people spinning this crap against Moore are the true perpetrators. Alinsky tactics 101.
UWrules  Eaglized • 3 hours ago
Democrat/establishment/deep state desperation is reaching a fever pitch!
Eaglized  UWrules • 3 hours ago
Yes it is… Strap in folks. Things are about to get bumpy.
Rob  Eaglized • 3 hours ago
The first set of false accusers did not work because Moore’s poll numbers went up… not down. So the Democrats had to team up with the fake “news” media and turn it up a notch. The “almost raped me” false, sexual allegations from 30 to 40 years ago are NOT WORKING. The Democrats will pay anybody to come forward and say just about anything. “I thought he was going to rape me.” Anybody could say that about anybody at anytime. Seriously, did you ever go to a bar in college or in the military? Did you ever talk to or look intensely at a female? They could pay the person to come forward 40 years later and say, “I thought he was going to rape me by the way he looked at me at the bar.” December 12 cannot come soon enough, and when Senator Roy Moore steps in that Senate, maybe he can work to rid us of the crappy leadership of one Mitch McConnell.
HalfMoments  Rob • 3 hours ago
Will she take a lie detector?
MGTOW Deplorable  HalfMoments • 3 hours ago
She didn’t go to the police – that’s enough of a reason not to believe her. Women will lie to benefit themselves, and they aren’t held accountable for it.
Jay Blanka  MGTOW Deplorable • 2 hours ago
Gloria Allred the ambulance chaser is involved. This is getting ridiculous. I guess Lisa Bloom is too busy defending Weinstein so she let her mom take this one. Lol
aka Randy Yonkers  Jay Blanka • 2 hours ago
She has no proof. Because there is no proof. Classic smear. No way to prove or disprove. 40 years ago and not a peep?? Wouldn’t these “victims” have been incensed to talk when Judge Moore was defending the Ten Commandments? Wouldn’t that have been the ultimate in hypocrisy and triggered someone ? But no, only when he challenges for a $wampy Senate seat? I wonder how much was she paid to help her “memory” ? More Liberal Lies. BS Notice how he supposedly got “Rough” now that the first attack didn’t hurt his poll numbers ? By claiming Force they ratcheted up the smear nastiness level.
drperry  aka Randy Yonkers • 2 hours ago
Had to turn off “The Five”, Bush daughters were on.
I think at the end of the day, unfortunately, that it is only a fraction of the nation that can see past the Bush Dynasty’s wholesome image to the ultimate deadly effect that they have had on our republic as founded. To really internalize the reality.
Don’t Suffer Fools  drperry • 2 hours ago
Moore is being accused with no proof or evidence. I could accuse Hillary of being an honest, decent, wholesome lady, but if I didn’t provide some evidence, who would believe me?
jordanminn  Don’t Suffer Fools • 2 hours ago
Beverly Young Nelson maybe 56………….
but her neck is 86.
Johnny ᵀᴿᵁᴹᴾ  jordanminn • an hour ago
now the democraptic parade of liars stage of slander begins,,, same crap over and over,,i hear the wapo paid the other 4 whores 1000 apiece for their story,, i wonder how much this beast is getting paid ,, cause you coudlnt pay me enough to do her willingly let alone have to force,, honestly,, muslim rape gangs would pass on her ,, pedro the donkey in tijuana would turn gay hahahahhahahaha
ricocat1  Johnny ᵀᴿᵁᴹᴾ • an hour ago
Democraptic parade of liars aided by the RINOs and lying leftist media. GO ROY MOORE and MAGA!
SaveOurNation  Johnny ᵀᴿᵁᴹᴾ • an hour ago
When will allred and her “client”, get their deserved 30 pieces of silver.
Cartman  Johnny ᵀᴿᵁᴹᴾ • an hour ago
These women are stupid beyond belief. Instead of lying to knock Moore out of office, they should all do a tell all book about how WAPO employees pressured, lied, and offered money for their accusations.
SA_NYC  Johnny ᵀᴿᵁᴹᴾ • an hour ago
Dude, you read that $1k thing here, on the BB comments — I saw it myself. Sorry but that doesn’t count as a credible source.
Trump Train aka Honey Badger  jordanminn • an hour ago
Her neck is the evidence of all the BJ’s
Budda  jordanminn • 38 minutes ago
If I was a juror in a case where Allred represented either party, I’d put in my headphones, listen to my music and vote AGAINST her client. If you chose Allred as your lawyer, there is something very wrong with you and your case.
Keith Chase  jordanminn • an hour ago
HurdeyGurdey ᴰᵉᵖˡᵒʳᵃᵇˡᵉ  Don’t Suffer Fools • 2 hours ago
Everyone on CNN, MSLSD, and their viewers will believe anything.
SA_NYC  HurdeyGurdey ᴰᵉᵖˡᵒʳᵃᵇˡᵉ • an hour ago
So honestly: you don’t believe it? Really and truly?
HurdeyGurdey ᴰᵉᵖˡᵒʳᵃᵇˡᵉ  SA_NYC • 41 minutes ago
100% lies.
Michael Ostermeyer  Don’t Suffer Fools • 2 hours ago
No proof or evidence? Strange, but the last time I checked victim testimony most certainly counts as evidence. She also produced documentary evidence of her contemporary acquaintance with Moore, as well as offering the names of corroborators she told more or less contemporaneously with the charged conduct. What part of the law of evidence escapes you, sir?
Don’t Suffer Fools  Michael Ostermeyer • an hour ago
The credibility of the witness is also very important, and when the political enemies of a candidate suddenly produce witnesses of 40 year old crimes, that would ,conveniently, destroy their enemy, I become very suspicious. I would need to see a “blue dress.”
Mr Krabs  Michael Ostermeyer • an hour ago
yet after all these years she never came forward.
Steve smith  Michael Ostermeyer • an hour ago
Uhm….the accusers are known liars…….and demonic rat supporters….and yeah….All Red says that this woman is a Trump supporter……sure…….wanna bet that information will come out about this woman too…..just as the others have had info come out on them destroying their credibility……
ENIGMAGIRL  Steve smith • an hour ago
Well gosh all jeepers! If she’s a Trump supporter, what she claims about Moore is100% true! There you have it! Case closed!
WisewomanIV  Michael Ostermeyer • an hour ago
Are you so stupid you believe that she would ask her supposed RAPIST to sign her yearbook? In their zeal to tell extra good lies, some of what they say becomes unbelievable. Now she says she was afraid of him and in her “statement” she said he warned her not to tell anybody, that she was “afraid” of him yet she asked him to sign her yearbook? These people play you people for the fools you are because they know you are incapable of thinking with half a brain. Next she says he signs it with something like I can’t say Merry Xmas to a more beautiful girl and signed and dated it with the date of their VENUE essentially outing himsrlf by his words. Who in the h*ll believes such bullsh*t?
Carolina Kat  Michael Ostermeyer • an hour ago
Why would a girl keep an autograph of someone who she bore enmity for an attempted rape? Seems convenient to change her feelings about it now – and the motive for keeping it wasn’t because she was raped – her motive for changing her story is money.
babumjane  Michael Ostermeyer • an hour ago
Sometimes these waitresses play the game for bigger tips. They bend over and show their boobs etc. I have seen the difference when I get waited on or when a young guy comes in. The entire game changes. Say it isn’t so!!
Michael Chael  Michael Ostermeyer • an hour ago
Law of evidence? It’s called the Evidence Code, numb-nuts, and my dog understands it better than you ever will.
Mike Faber  Michael Ostermeyer • an hour ago
Uhoh. Someone is trying to reason with Breitards.
SA_NYC  Mike Faber • an hour ago
Ha, exactly what I was thinking. That’s not gonna go over well.
Mike Faber  Don’t Suffer Fools • an hour ago
Moore did it. Just look at him.
fird  drperry • 2 hours ago
DemRINO brainstems think this LATEST smear is any better than the last smear?
These nitwits pattern Roy Moore after Bill Clinton, their role model for sexual predators. The big, famous man too big to be held accountable. Now the smear is dressed up with a lie that Roy bragged 40 years ago about how important he was…
The presence of Gloria Allred is nothing more than PROOF THIS IS A SMEAR. Maybe DemRINOs will dredge up Lisa Bloom to represent the next “victim”. BTW, “represent” WHAT?
Note these “accusations” are coming out of DC and New York … NOT IN ALABAMA, WHERE the “crime” supposedly took place … and NOT 40 YEARS AGO, WHEN the “crime” supposedly took place. If there was a SHRED of truth involved, Gloria Allred or SOME attorney in Alabama would NOT WASTE TIME on pressers in New York — they would FILE SUIT IN ALABAMA, years ago. Or NOW.
Hannity and a few others have been careful to not call these accusations false. TO HELL WITH THAT. This is as easily discernable as BULL as was Granny Clinton talking about “no classified email” on her home server. Or Bill Clinton declaring “I DID NOT HAVE SEX WITH THAT WOMAN …” … or Hussein declaring “you can keep your doctor …” … or Anthony Weiner saying “my cellphone was hacked” … or … or … or …
Neil Ingalls  fird • 2 hours ago
When the Washington Compost and Allred unite then you know it’s a political hit job.
HurdeyGurdey ᴰᵉᵖˡᵒʳᵃᵇˡᵉ  Neil Ingalls • 2 hours ago
Washington comPost! I love that, thanks.
Chris Hoffmanski  fird • an hour ago
Trump will be in jail soon….so it will all be mooty.
Pax Americana  Chris Hoffmanski • an hour ago
I hope you riot like a communistic tranny freak once you realize you won’t get your way….
Dave Player  drperry • 2 hours ago
I know they are snakes. HW was a part of the JFK murder. W destroyed the middle east stability for his war mongering donors.
GS  drperry • 2 hours ago
The Five moved to 5 oclock and thank God I haven’t seen it since.
dj prawnio  drperry • 2 hours ago
THE JAYDOLF 9000  dj prawnio • 2 hours ago
Sounds like you are speaking about Clinton
dj prawnio  THE JAYDOLF 9000 • 2 hours ago
Clinton is a sexual abuser/probably rapist….Moore is a sexual abuser. Notice how I can believe both. Y’all should try it.
THE JAYDOLF 9000  dj prawnio • 2 hours ago
When there is evidence and proof we will…until then liberals will keep on losing and imploding…
If it were up to me I’d wipe this earth clean of every liberal dead or alive
James Innewmex  THE JAYDOLF 9000 • 2 hours ago
Just pray for Christ’s return and the destruction of all evil .
Freda Channell Lyons  THE JAYDOLF 9000 • 2 hours ago
That’s my fantasy too!