Alabama Approval Numbers for Moore, Jones, Trump, Bannon

Alabama.Approval Ratings.111317

As with the head-to-head polling numbers for Roy Moore and Doug Jones, these approval figures are difficult to interpret and may not mean much. The stable numbers organize around unfavorable ratings, which all fall within a narrow band between 35% and 40%. But the queries have occurred too close to the Moore sexual predation disclosures and there are still too many shoes to drop before the fog clears (if it ever clears).

The differential probably worth tracking is the disparity between the favorable / unfavorable ratios for Donald Trump, Roy Moore, and Steve Bannon, with Trump’s number, at +23, tracking about 8 points above the September numbers reported in FiveThirtyEight, and more than points above the national polling numbers, which show a differential of -18.

Trump is not only enormously more popular in Alabama than elsewhere in the nation. He is also far more popular in Alabama than either Roy Moore, with a differential of +5 and Steve Bannon, with a differential of -7. If we filter out the No Opinion quotient for all three Republicans, Trump’s differential is +24, Moore’s is +6, and Bannon’s is -20. These ranges indicate the extent to which Alabama Republicans, like the rest of us, are mighty confused about the status and meaning of their party affiliation.