Can Doug Jones Defeat Roy Moore In The Alabama Special Senate Election?

Few people believe Doug Jones can defeat Roy Moore in the Alabama Special Senate Election on December 12. Even with the recent underage sex scandal involving Roy Moore, there is no doubt Doug Jones faces long odds. For the past 30 years, the Alabama Republican Party has dominated Alabama state politics. No Democrat has represented Alabama in the U.S. Senate since Richard Shelby in 1992. And he became a Republican in 1994!

But Doug Jones and the Alabama Democratic Party may have a better chance of defeating Roy Moore in the December 12 special election than most people think. And this is exciting and important news! Below, I list reasons why Doug Jones CAN defeat Roy Moore and reasons why he MUST defeat Roy Moore. But these reasons all depend on every Democrat (and many Republicans repelled by Roy Moore’s theocratic politics and personal behavior)  in Alabama voting in the December 12 election!

5 Reasons why Doug Jones CAN defeat Roy Moore.

  • Roy Moore is a divisive, extreme, negative candidate who has not performed well in statewide elections outside his “base.”
  • The political party of the president normally suffers significant losses in the elections that occur after his first inauguration. Examples include Bill Clinton in 1994 and Barack Obama in 2010.
  • In the 2016 election, voter turnout among African-Americans in Alabama declined by almost 10 percent compared to the 2012 election, while voter turnout among Whites in Alabama increased by almost 8 percent! Turnout improvements among African-American and Democratic Party voters could make a huge difference in the outcome of the December 12 election.
  • President Trump’s popularity has fallen significantly, even in Alabama. The lack of enthusiasm for Trump’s dangerous and dysfunctional leadership could reduce Republican Party turnout for the election, especially for Republicans who are not part of the Roy Moore “base.
  • Doug Jones is an appealing cross-over candidate who in his legal career has courageously pursued justice for African-Americans and for all Americans on issues of racial violence and environmental enforcement.

8 Reasons why Doug Jones MUST defeat Roy Moore.

  • The deviant and the deranged have taken over the Republican Party. The good ole boy culture of corruption and racism within the Alabama Republican Party has greatly harmed the state’s reputation and capacity to build toward a bright future for all citizens of the state.
  • Roy Moore is ignorant, provincial, foolish and backwards-looking, with a political focus on irrelevant and distracting “culture wars” and “religious wars” that represent extreme minority views and that have no place in American public life.
  • Roy Moore supports ultra-nationalist policies that place the United States at risk of economic isolation, institutional collapse, military and para-military governance, and environmental catastrophe.
  • Roy Moore is a servant of chaos and confusion. He does not want to go to Washington to create laws and policies and institutions that benefit all Americans. Like many in the Tea Party wing of the Republican Party, he wants to go to Washington and destroy the machinery of government, with no awareness or concern for the damage this act of destruction will visit on the American nation and the American people.
  • Steve Bannon – a political arsonist who worked on Wall Street and is now backed by Wall Street billionaires – has actively supported Roy Moore’s campaign. Steve Bannon is the executive chairman of the far-right Breitbart News Network, which hosts one of the most uncivil, intolerant, and openly racist reader bases in the world.
  • Doug Jones understands that Alabama has not benefited by isolating itself from the nation and the world. He appreciates that Alabama has not benefited from political leaders who enrich themselves or their cronies and who do not commit themselves fully to the interests and needs of Alabama citizens – for affordable and sustainable and comprehensive health care, for innovative and caring support for families and young children, for robust and future-oriented education, and for public finance and investment that builds a future for the state from the bottom-up, not the top-down.
  • Doug Jones will not go to Washington, DC to further divide and weaken the United States, and to further isolate the United States from the rest of the world. Doug Jones will not go to Washington to posture and strut. Doug Jones will go to Washington, DC to get work done for Alabama and for the nation.
  • Roy Moore’s path is crooked and devious. Doug Jones’s path is straight and true.