Alabama By The Numbers

Here is how US News, using data from McKinsey, ranks Alabama against other states, overall, and with respect to 7 measures of success.

  • Overall: #47
  • Health Care: #47
  • Education: #47
  • Crime & Corrections: #42
  • Infrastructure: #31
  • Opportunity: #40
  • Economy: #45
  • Government: #42

This state of affairs raises numerous questions, of course, relevant to the Senate election between Doug Jones and Roy Moore.

  • Alabama is currently a single-party state. In the absence of political pressure from its citizens, what incentives exist for the Republican Party to truly serve Alabama?
  • As (overwhelmingly) the most powerful political institution in the state for the past 3 decades, at what point does the Alabama State Republican Party become accountable, and bear responsibility, for this failure to meet the basic needs of Alabama residents?
  • Who truly believes Roy Moore, serving the state of Alabama in the U.S. Senate, possesses the intelligence and the political skills to effectively represent and serve the needs of Alabama and of the nation?